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Since 1988, when John M. Jacobs, CPA, formed Jacobs & Company, a registered investment advisory firm, the company’s client list has continued to enjoy steady growth and strong results. Over the years, the company expanded to provide coal reclamation surety bonding programs for extractive industries in coal, oil and gas, and healthcare. Under the umbrella of Jacobs Financial Group, Inc., the company and its clients have weathered global economic and industry challenges by holding firm to its philosophy of providing the most exceptional, consistent, trusted and time-honored parameters of investment and consulting financial services.


In working with individuals, families, and businesses our primary goal is to provide trusted financial services management that will help our clients meet their individual goals – both short and long-term. Working closely with our New York affiliates enables us to provide the most efficient and up-to- date sources to our clients to ensure that our clients’ concerns will always be our concerns.


First Surety Corporation is a West Virginia domestic surety company specializing in underwriting surety bonds for regulated industries such as coal, oil and gas, and healthcare. We offer surety bonding using the managed collateral strategy of managed investment accounts rather than traditional cash deposits. This allows for all levels of efficiency and managed investment collateral accounts for surety bonding clients.


This insurance agency offers exclusive representation of insurance companies providing specialization of coal reclamation surety bonds and other surety bonding programs utilizing managed investment accounts.
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